Fernando Longo

    Fernando Longo was born in Lecce on the 13th November 1973. He was raised in very close contact with his family business, specialized in furniture and interior design, where he developed the knowledge and the use of materials such as wood, metals and plastic materials, their working techniques and procedures.

    He studied architecture at the University “La Sapienza” in Rome, where he graduated in 2003 with a thesis in architecture installation, supervised by the professor Arch. Vincenzo Giorgi. The study of architecture and the continuous contact with craftsman ateliers go along with Fernando’s vivid interest for art and design, engaging him in various professional and research activities. After university, fundamental for Fernando’s career is the meeting in Genova of the New Yorker artist Ivy Pelish Murzi, painter and sculptor. She will arise in him a vivid interest for ceramic arts.

    Fernando spent almost one year in Finland, where landscapes, museums, culture and the Sami crafts immediately fascinated him. In Helsinki he got closer to ceramic arts thanks to the Finnish artist Kati Hamalainen and attended some courses at Helsinki University. Another remarkable event during his permanence in Finland is the knowledge in Helsinki of Mr. Jarno Peltonen, who introduced Fernando to the artistic work of the Finnish sculptor Eila Hiltunen.

    Thanks to this experience and also to the strong ties with his land – Salento - Fernando strongly feels the need of launching and promoting his personal project, “SDW”- Salento Design Workshop- whose basic founding principle is the combination of crafts and design.

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