The installation "Salento?" conceived and realised by fernando Longo, comes from the will to question the Salento territory. Fernando Longo wants to upset the visitors through one simple question that, framed into a surreal and ephemeral context, provokes natural thoughts.

"Salento?" refers to the virtues and the vices of a peninsula characterized by two kinds of landscape. One is stark and dry, and it is a mirror for those who are passively attached at the local reality, with no contacts with the outside world, traditionalist and resistant to changes. From such an image comes the use of an old trunk as stale container full of brambles and dead leaves. On the opposite, the other landscape is luxuriant and always green, it shows signs of openness ad of continuous need to approach and confront with everything that is different. It is finally possible to notice that both the stark and the green landscape are tied by a rope that emphasizes the coexistence and the interdependence of the two systems as the result of deeply rooted customs.
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